Office of the Mayor

The mayor occupies the highest elective office in the municipal government. As political head of the city, the mayor is espected to provide the leadership necessary to keep it moving in the proper direction. The mayor presides over council meetings, is the signator of the city, and is generally recognized as the ceremonial and governmental head of the city. The mayor's  most important duty is to carry out the legislative responsibilities he or she shares with the council such as identifying the needs of the city, developing programs to satisfy those needs, and evaluating the extent to which municipal services satisfactorily reflect the policy goals of the council. The mayor is the presiding officer of the city council.

Office of Councilmember

Councilmembers are the city's legislators. Their primary duty is policymaking, which includes identifying the needs of local residents, formulating programs to meet the changing requirements and needs of the community, and measuring the effectiveness of ongoing programs.

The council is:

  • Regulator; the council exercises regulatory powers over the conduct and the property of its citizens thru ordinances.
  • Financier; the council may levy taxes, assess fees and charges, and sell bonds in order to finance the many functions and services provided by the city government.They set the budget and then monitor the revenues and expenses of the city.
  • Employer; the council regulates the number of employees needed to provide the citie's services and their wages and benefits.

The City of Hudson Mayor and City Council work together for the citizens of our community. As leaders, they are committed to protecting City of Hudson assets through the encouragement of residents and businesses to become integral participants in our community.