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Proactive measures to reduce spread of Coronavirus


City announces proactive measures to reduce spread of Coronavirus.

The City of Hudson March 16 2020 – The City of Hudson is taking measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus  (COVID-19), including limiting in-person interactions for city business and suspending all special events on city property and all special events requiring city permitting.

The City of Hudson will continue to provide needed city services, however we will postpone all meetings including committee meetings for at least 15 days. We also strongly encourage all city business to be handled by online or via phone when possible.

These measures are being taken out of an abundance of caution in an effort to protect our citizens, particularly the ones most vulnerable, and to slow the progression of this virus which in turn eases the burden on all medical care providers. Preserving the health and safety of our staff allows essential city services to continue without interruptions. We will be constantly monitoring and assessing the situation.

While we are especially discouraging large public gatherings all gatherings of 25 or more should be handled with extra precautions in mind. We do encourage your continued support of local businesses and your churches but please remember to follow these preventive measures in your daily life.

  Wash your hands frequently

   Avoid touching your  eyes, nose, and mouth

   Avoid close personal contact, such as shaking hands

   Disinfect surfaces

   Stay Home when you are sick

   Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze with a tissue then dispose tissue and wash hands if possible

   Follow CDC’s recommendations on preventative measures



9:00AM TO 3:00PM M-F


We encourage all city business to be handled online or by phone at this time. If you feel that that your request cannot be handled over the phone please contact us at 936-875-2358.


Municipal Court proceedings will be postponed for at least three weeks at this time. If you have Docket or court scheduled please contact the City Municipal Court Clerk for updates. Tickets may be paid online at www.hudsontx.com. placed in drop box (black box in front of new city hall) or over the phone.


All permits can be applied for by phone at this time.


We encourage all customers to pay their payments by:

  Mailing to 3458 Ted Trout Hudson Texas 75904

  Dropped off at Drop Box (black box out front of the New City Hall)

  Pay online www.hudsontx.com

  Pay by phone

***** Do not come in Person*****

These measures will take place effective at 1:00pm on March 16 2020.

At this release time there are no confirmed cases in Angelina County, but there are confirmed cases that are less than 90 miles away from the City. Due to the explosive nature of the spreading of the COVID-19 the City of Hudson is taking all necessary precautions to prevent the spread or reduce the chance of the spread in our City by elimination as much close personal contact as we can. We apologize for any inconveniences these necessary preventative measures may cause.




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